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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Cov-idiot Karens :-(

During my trip to the supermarket yesterday I met four Cov-idiots. These are really stupid people who either never had any training about general hygiene or are unable to string two thoughts together about the consequences of their actions. Either way, they pissed me off so I berated them and even had to explain why what they were doing was stupid, because we are all in the middle of a pandemic, a word they didn't know :-( Common to them all was a sense of entitlement, what they were doing was OK, it was what they always did, hence I'll call them all Karen.
Let me tell you the tale...

The first was a short, fat, woman with her mask on (good!), but upside down and inside out ! So busy-body me pointed this out gently and explained there was lipstick on the outside of her mask and because it was upside down it didn't cover her nose. I was furiously and loudly told that if she wore it the other way up, she couldn't breathe. And she turned it inside out so she only had to wash it every other day! I said I thought that was selfish, the purpose of the mask was to prevent any spittle and exhaled air from her reaching other people AND so she didn't have to inhale any of their excreta. Politely, I didn't mention that if she lost about 30 kg she'd be able to breathe better ;-)

Next up was a thin haggard little man, obviously a smoker. Yes, he wore a mask (which is compulsory here in shops), but he'd cut a hole in it so he could smoke his cigarette while wearing the mask! Jesus wept! So I explained again why we need to wear mask, but was told to f*ck off, he'd do what he wanted :-( I swear, it's like talking to a brick wall, to these entitled pricks!

I told them how far the spray goes when they sneeze or cough (see photo on the left below), hence the need for 2 meters social distancing, let alone that the smoker's incessant cough sprayed over anything and everything within twice the distance! I was again told to f*ck off and leave him alone.

The US statistic shown on the right below, I didn't even get to mention:-(

As you enter the supermarket there is (free!) antiviral spray available and you are asked to wipe your hands with it. Neither of the two persons ahead of me did so and this is relevant to the next two anecdotes, below.

At the fruit stand was another Covidiot - with unwashed hands - picking up the fruits and pressing them to test for ripeness before putting them back on the stand before trying some others! As civilly as possible I said that this was unhygienic and likely to spread the virus if she had it. Besides which, if a previous shopper had done this too, she could well catch the virus herself! At least she understood the latter was dangerous to her and desisted :-)

Around the corner at the magazine rack was the other Covidiot - again with unwashed hands - flicking through magazines while licking her fingers behind her mask to better be able to turn individual pages before putting the magazines back before picking up the next one and repeating her filthy procedure! I repeated the argument I'd told the fruit-fingerer, but to no avail. These people just don't understand what a pandemic implies, let alone basic hygiene, and think they only have to wear (an inconvenient) mask to shop at all and then they're OK. Jesus wept!

Finally, a couple of further points in the articles copied below. On the left, a reminder that the virus is still with us, indeed now entering a second wave thanks to the returning vacationers who ignored restrictions abroad and brought more Corona back with them :-(

The box on the right is a quotation from Samual Pepys´ diary during the great plague of 1665. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose :-(

Comments (3)
Cop Car asked " It eases my mind to know that I don't live in the only soup pot of COVIDIOTS. I'm careful about not shopping when/where there are as many people as you seem to see in a single foray. I don't like sharing the aisles with more than two or three other shoppers. There are always more store employees than shoppers when I go; but, the employees are nearly never an issue. (An exception was in a medical office where a young woman slid her mask down under her chin while there were no patients at her kiosk. She then proceeded to blow a raspberry over something a co-worker told her!) Question: How do you keep your mask from leaking through your facial hair? I've seen a few men who seemed not to give a thought to actually having a tight fit around the mask. I don't want to get close enough to them to ask questions." Look at my photo on the left sidebar. I have shortened my beard seriously and grown a handlebar mustache (when there were no barbers) which squashes down inside the mask. See photo here. Most leakage is at the top, over my cheekbones, fogging my glasses. No leakage below.
Paul (D) tells me . . .

Jenny (Ibiza) quips "After seeing how some covidiots don masks I now understand how contraception sometimes fails!" For generation after generation.

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