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Oh, and after the death of his old bulldog, Kosmo, he also has a new bulldog, Clara, since September 2018 :-)

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Wednesday, January 31

Trash TV

Iremember from my time in the USA that there were some pretty trashy TV programs there, ostensibly aimed at a viewing public with an average IQ of about 85, some salacious ones aimed at a 75 IQ public.

But now, here in Germany, there is some real trash being broadcast too.

A few days ago, on a program called "Supertalent" (a misnomer if there ever was one), run by Dieter Bohlen as Jury chief (which is almost a guarantee of Trashiness), had an australian guest performer called Beatrice McQueef who displayed her "talent" at playing the flute with her vagina!

At least they covered her vulva with a cartoon hedgehog. Surely a cartoon beaver would have been a more appropriate choice.

We can expect to see some guy next I suppose showing us his boner while playing the trombone??? Or am I being too prudish? YMMV.

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Saturday, January 27

Holocaust Memorial Day

On this very day in 1945, 79 years ago, the Red Army liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in the southwest corner of Poland, so this is a good day to remember and revile all the atrocities of the Shoah. Here is a photo of the infamous main gate "Arbeit macht frei" ( Work makes you free).

I have never been to Auschitz personally, but have visited Dachau (ca. 1973?) and more recently (2015) Buchenwald concentration camp. This what I wrote in 2015:- This Nazi Concentration Camp memorial is at Buchenwald, just north of Weimar, so we visited it to pay our respects to the Holocaust dead. It is HUGE! Over 19 football fields in size. Most of the barracks have been razed, just their outlines are there. Some of the buildings remain, in particular the crematorium. Roma, Sinti, Freemasons, Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, Poles, Slavs, gays, cripples, cretins, enemies of the state : the Nazis executed them all. Six ovens, going 24/7 for 365 days/year for years = 56,545 dead :-( The atmosphere is oppressive, everybody quiet, horrified. I'm only showing you the wrought-iron gate at Buchenwald.

Billions of Versions... wrote " Just when you think you know things... I read that there were a thousand concentration camps. There were. But they weren't extermination camps of which there were six main ones. Still, the death rate at the concentration camps was 45%."
Pergelator wrote " I heard about a new movie called 'Zone of Interest'. It's about a the Nazi commandant who lives with his family next door to a death camp. I don't think I could stand to watch it. Insanity knows no bounds." I can also recommend the movie "Schindler's List".
Janet (USA) notes that "Jan 27th is also Thomas Crapper Appreciation Day. Is that antisemitic?" I think not, merely the day he died. Coincidence.

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Monday, January 22


Discovered only 3 hours before hitting the Earth's atmosphere, meteorite named 2024 BX1 came racing in steeply at Mach 10 or more (=several kilometers per second) at 01:32 local time, lighting up the night sky west of Berlin. It was about three feet across and weighed several tons before it exploded while still quite high. So ground zero for the rubble remaining is at Nennhausen, about 50 kms west of Berlin. The circle of uncertainty is about 30kms in diameter, reaching Rathenow and Premnitz in the west, Friesack in the north and Havelsee in the south. So today astro-enthusiasts will have been combing the area with their metal detectors, looking for pieces of the exploded meteorite, a valuable find.

It was too far east for me to see, and I was asleep anyway, so this is a secondhand report. It was however seen from Leipzig, Berlin, and Prague, making triangulation of the explosion possible. The two photos below are as seen from Berlin (the long photo) and from Leipzig as published in Bild (a national newspaper).

And here is a YouTube video of it.

Update Jan 27: A team of 4 Polish searchers have found a piece of the meteorite. About the size of a baby's hand, light brown and magnetic, in Ribbeck near Nauen which is within the circle of uncertainty.

Billions of Versions... wrote " I like it! Just the right size for a show but no damage." I have seen craters where bigger ones reached the surface.

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Friday, January 19

Tetrating Pi

There is a conjecture circulating among the mathematicians on the internet ab out the tetration of Pi. Is Pi, tetrated, an integer?

Now I taught y'all about tetration back in 2019, so you may want to give this a try.

If you can prove that Pi Pi Pi Pi is an integer, or indeed that it is not, you are either way assured of eternal fame amongst mathematicians. I cannot, it is too hard for me.

Matt Parker has put up a video on YouTube explaining why this is so damn difficult.
We cannot even calculate the value of Pi Pi Pi Pi , maybe because Pi is transcendental. I have no proof either way, but a statistical argument. There are infinitely many numbers between 0 and 0.99999999999999999999 etc; but only one of them is an integer. Thus Pi Pi Pi Pi has a chance of the fractional part being zero is 1/∞ which is zero. So conjecture most probably disproved?

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Sunday, January 14

Ferris wheel fun

Blogreader Ed (USA) tells me that he went to Las Vegas for a new year party and that they now have a huge Ferris wheel there now, claiming it is the biggest in the world, 550 feet high at the top. It belongs to Cesar's Palace, he says. Wikipedia summarises : High Roller is a 550-foot tall , 520-foot (158.5 m) diameter giant Ferris wheel on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, United States. Owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment, it opened to the public on March 31, 2014 as the world's tallest Ferris wheel, called High Roller. It is 9 ft (2.7 m) taller than the 541-foot (165 m) Singapore Flyer, which had held the record since 2008. This is the website.

Last time I was in Vegas was in the eighties; I lost about $300 that weekend :-(

His email got me thinking about my favourite Ferris wheel rides; two spring to mind, in London and in Helsinki. So here are a couple of photos of them.

The photo above shows the London Eye, which is on the Thames (UK), opposite the Houses of Parliament. The pods can each hold 25 people, standing room only. I took a ride several years ago, you get one revolution for your money, affording spectacular views of London. Very long queues though. Waterloo is the closest tube station to the London Eye. It is about five minutes walking distance.

Another favourite Ferris Wheel of mine, shown above, is in Helsinki (Finland). Taking the ferry from Tallin (Estonia) you arrive at the ferry terminal just across from the open air seawater swimming baths. The Ferris wheel ist just behind them. It is small (about 130 feet diameter) with the pods containing seats for only four people. There are pods with luxurious leather seats at which good champagne (Veuve Cliquot) is served. Pod rides are billed by the hour, reservations needed. Even better are the sauna pods, four person saunas in the sky. Towels and bathrobes are provided, but US and UK tourists should remember that some europeans are naked in the sauna, whereas the prudes prefer swimwear. Windows work both ways ;-) PS: Here is their website.

Billions of Versions... wrote " Stand-alone Ferris Wheels are becoming a thing all over the world. We have one, nothing fancy, here in St. Louis." Old fashioned fun still rules; Helsinki was the first I encountered with an inbuilt sauna.

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Tuesday, January 9

A new puzzler record

From reading some of your blogs, I know that some of you are fans of doing jigsaw puzzles. Liz who blogs at Finding life hard and Chuck who blogs at Pergelator are two who spring to mind as I write this.

We now have a new jigsaw puzzle world record. Hans-Josef Schaad, aged 62, who lives in Oberkirchen in the small German state of Saarland, is your new king. In only 99 days he has finished a huge puzzle of 54,000 pieces. The previous record was 137 days for this giant puzzle. The finished puzzle is 8.64 meters long and 2.04 meters wide. It weighs 30 kilos. The picture shows 55 classic paintings including Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

No way I could do this, I just don't have the room. Starting at the west wall of my living room and going 8.64 meters east would put me out in the hallway. But the door to the hallway is less than 2.04 meters wide. So there is nowhere in the house that the puzzle could fit. And our biggest table is too small also. Well that is my excuse for not even starting anyway! If YOU want want to try it , go ahead, but not me! Let me know how you do.

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Tuesday, January 2

Dire prediction for 2024 in Germany

Traditionally TV here shows a review of the past year on the last night of the year and predictions for this year on the first day of the new year. It was all pretty depressing as this government is ruling AGAINST the voters instead of improving their lot. Most trouble being caused by the Green party, Minister Habeck (an author of boring children's books) in particular. But the Greens have a bunch of unqualified politicians who couldn't even finish their education before fleeing into politics, Kuhnert and Lang being cases in point. So, looking at the tax increases, inflation, and their energy plans for 2024, I want new elections soon. Otherwise MY prediction for 2024 is summarised in this one photo

Is my criticism unfair? Above all, our politicians should be looking after our economy, not destroying it. But this is how the ignorami see their control options (actually these are submarine controls from WW1).

Note that none of the control wheels are labelled, so unless you have been adequately educated & trained, you have no idea what to do (neither do Lang, Kuhnert, Habeck etc). Note there are almost no dials to indicate the results of your operating the controls even if you did have an adequate mathematical model of the economy. I'll spare you the photo of shit creek ;-)

Enough of my frustration, I shall try to avoid blogging about politics in 2024 again. Alea iacta sund.

Jacob wrote " All the Latin I know seems to come from Asterix comics, where I think I have seen various versions of your quote - Alea iacta sund. The only other Latin that I remember is in Kipling's Stalky and Company "Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres" which he translates as 'De Gaulle is divided into three parties'. " Good one, based one the first line of De Bello Gallico.

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