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Oh, and after the death of his old bulldog, Kosmo, he also has a new bulldog, Clara, since September 2018 :-)

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Moonday, October 30

Rocket Man

Alicia popped up for the first time and asked me a frequent question :
What are you reading right now?

It is a biography of rocket scientist Wernher von Braun written by Erik Berghaust, a personal friend of his and also a NASA man, in 1975 in American English under the title "INCREDIBLE VON BRAUN". I am reading the german translation by Guy Montag which bears the ISBN 3 430 11301 6, which appeared a year later. The original english book had ISBN 9780917680014 as a reprint.

Factually correct it seems, but dry as dust to read. Erik Berghaust has written 30 books about space flight and rockets; as if he were an official NASA historian, idk. Mostly about von Braun's time in the USA, of course, but a little about the early days, e.g. in Peenemunde under the Nazi regime. Details about him trying to "sell" liquid rockets to Hitler when he was developing the fore-runner of the A4 (=V2) , without mentioning that he was really interested in interplanetary space travel, not rocket artillery.

The two B&W photos below show his tiny first rocket and his huge last rocket (a Saturn V), which took mankind to the moon several times.

Von Braun received 20+ honorary doctorates from various universities and colleges, fortify the old Brit students' saying "Them as can does, them as can't teaches." ;-)

I inherited this book from my father-in-law but have only just found it (in the attic) again, whence the delay reading it. I rate it 4 out of 10 after 301 out of 637 pages.

Billions of Versions... wrote " I just saw a meme went something like... Those who can read will never get their attic cleaned out." Oh, Mike, that is so so true!
Jenny grinned "...subtle, how you datelined this blog entry as Moonday! You were first to notice, lass!

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on October 30, 2023 permalink Comments Email

Tuesday, October 24

Banging the patient :-(

This anecdote is based on a report (at the end of september) in one of our national newspapers which in turn was reporting on a court trial of two bavarian doctors. One was fined €31,500 and the other only €15,600. Imho, the fines were far too little!

Given the headline today, I had expected that the charges were rape and possibly necrophilia, but it seems the charges were (only?) for negligent killing. Still imho far too small fines! Reading this, I became curious and decided to continue reading, whence this belated blog-entry. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Turns out the patient was a 48 year old male who had already had a silicon stent put in his trachea (=windpipe) in a previous operation and now it was time to remove it again. Instead of using a rapidly rotating dremel, the doctors had decided to use a laser to cut out the stent. Meanwhile the anaesthesist ensured the patient could breath well by filling his lungs with 100% oxygen.

When the surgeon turned on the laser to melt the silicon stent, the 100% oxygen was still flowing (wrong!), as I understand the report. So suddenly there was an almighty bang and the patient exploded! Bits of hot silicon, windpipe, lungs and ribcage flew around the OP room. Subsequently (but expectedly) the patient died as a result of this drama. So yes, the patient got banged, due to a negligent lack of communication between surgeon and anaesthesist :-(

That was the criminal trial; I would hope the family of the patient sue for a decent compensation in a civil trial. The two doctors were afaik not even struck off and I expect their liability insurance will pay their fines :-

Billions of Versions... wrote "It sounds like a Monte Python skit." Thoroughly incompetent though.
Ed (USA) said "Jesus H. Christ! Reminds me of that scene in Alien!" It does.
Doug wrote "Apologies but I couldn't help but think of this classic Mr. Creosote. " Methinks that was what Mike was referring to.
Peter (UK) wrote " some time ago I got a youtube feed, this particular item was of four males with a big hammer bashing away at what sounded like boiler plate...(on a bench) wearing white coats... but they were facing away from the camera so... who knew.. the title showed little or no clue but there it was... so I just passed it off as lame... I keep thinking of this now and again now wishing I could have bookmarked it.." Not something I'd want to see.

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on October 24, 2023 permalink Comments Email

Saturday, October 14

Bulldog Piggy Bank

Just bought a new coin saving box to replace the recently broken ceramic piggy bank. This one is made of wood. And because we are fans of the English Bulldog, this has bulldog stickers on 4 sides.

Every evening I dump any coins in my pockets and wallet into a piggy bank, so that my pockets etc don't wear excessively, as my scottish Granny taught me. I still have this habit ;-)

The manufacturer's business model seems to be that you replace it when it is full, as there is no way to open it other than with a hammer :-(

Billions of Versions... wrote " Drill a silver dollar sized hole in the bottom. Cover it with duct tape." Good idea, Mike, thanks.
Cop Car wrote " Nice bank. When I was a kid, with much more patience than now, I retrieved money from my bank by inverting the bank and shaking it. Eventually, coins align with the slot (or catch on its edge) and fall free. " I invert the bank and then jiggle a thin knife in the slot to get the coins vertical.

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on October 14, 2023 permalink Comments Email

Monday, October 9

Misleading the Muslims :-(

Just last week, SWMBO decided to treat me to a small jar of some Pâté, from the top shelf, knowing this is a french delicacy I much like. So here it is, duck and french brandy pâté, surprisingly made in England, which perhaps should have been a warning sign?

So I fetched a baguette from our local baker and spread the pâté lavishly on the first 10 cms thereof. Ugh! Just tasted like pork! I know what duck tastes like, but this was for sure pork, and very fatty at that. So I looked for a list of ingredients and found it on the lid of the jar, not visible to SWMBO from the front of the top shelf.

So there it was, 22%+11%+9% = 42% pork :-( Only 20% duck and 2% french brandy. So only 22% was what was declared on the front label. Even the liver was chicken liver, not duck liver. MISLEADING ADVERTISING :-(

And what if some poor misled Muslima had bought it? Afaik, their religion does not permit them to eat pork. Other religions too : Judaism, the seventh-day Adventist church, Shafardinism, and some orthodox churches. Other religions, in which pork consumption is frowned upon, along with all other types of meat, include Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jain Dharma.

I am an Atheist, so could eat it, but it is still NOT what it was labelled !

I am writing a stern letter to the UK manufacturer AND to the UK advertising authority; damn cheats!

Billions of Versions... wrote " They could really try and sneak one by them by using the scientific classification 'Sus domesticus'." Haha ;-)
Jenny (Ibiza) wrote " When we both lived in Frankfurt, you introduced me to Leberkäse (liver-cheese aka meatloaf) which contained neither liver nor cheese!" Next time order Bavarian leberkäse, which by law must contain liver.

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on October 9, 2023 permalink Comments Email

Thursday, October 5

Dining in Born

Just some dining tips if you are ever in Born. We just had a vacation there. Part of a vacation is not having to cook yourselves, nor wash up etc. So we dined out EVERY evening.

Born, an old fishing village, has 8 restaurants we found. We ate at 5 of them, and can recommend these two.

1) Restaurant Rieming in Born. Excellent fish dishes, friendly wait staff. We dined on the terrace (early evening) since they don't allow dogs inside.
Reservations via tel. 038234 240. Only a facebook page, afaik.

2) Mühle Born, a restored windmill, beside good fish dishes they also offer meat and vegan. Dogs allowed inside. Reservations via tel. 03 82 34 - 472.

These two were great, the rest did not please us so much.

Copyright © Ole Phat Stu on October 5, 2023 permalink Comments Email

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