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Oh, and after the death of his old dog, Kosmo, he also has a new bulldog puppy, Clara, in the pipeline for September :-)

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Getting to know one another

Several of you wrote to ask for more photos of Clara, our new puppy. Here's one with the title "Getting to know one another" :-)

Next month it'll be back to the Baltic trip reports.

Comments (3)
Barbara (UK) complains "Only one photo? We want more!" Bulldog photos are the focus of my wife's blog, so I'll just point you to Cornelia's Bulldog Blog :-)
Liz wrote "Those sculptures put my attempts to shame. But Clara is beautiful! She looks like a sweetie." At this time, Clara's defense mechanism - like all puppies' - is to flirt with everyone ;-)
Ed (USA) asks for "More trip reports please!" I'll be doing that in October, OK? Meanwhile Kinga was in Azerbaijan :-)

Friday, September 28, 2018

Sand Statues on the Curonian Spit

While we were in the Baltics, driving south along the narrow Curonian Spit peninsula, which is basically a sand dune 60 miles long and 1-2 miles wide off the coast of Lithiania, we came across a village resort which had had a sand-statue building competition the previous week. These are four of the excellent sand sculptures remaining :-)

Many more trip report photos to follow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Buggering the Boys :-(

Germany's most prolific pervert and paedophile club, more usually known as the priesthood of the Roman Catholic church, has produced a report on just how many Roman Catholic priests (1670) buggered just how many children (3677) over the time-frame 1946 to 2014. This is of course an underestimate of the true extent of the problem because of the way they did their self-survey (aka tip-of-the-iceberg). This was a mixture of a survey and (anonymous?) self-reporting. AFAIK, none turned themselves into the police. Nor did their bosses, the bishops turn any of them in either, preferring to do a cover-up and just move the offenders to a different parish, where there were new victims :-(

Most of sexually abused children were young boys buggered by gay RC priests, a minority were raped girls. Either way, totally inacceptable :-(

The bishops' conference of the Roman Catholic church has failed utterly in its moral responsibility to bring the offenders to justice! The "apology" by archbishop Marx is simply not enough. There should be significant compensation payments and the church's tax privileges should be removed at least until the systemic organisational problem is removed. YMMV.

We know that the Vatican has the lowest age-of-consent of any country, only twelve, even if the leader of another religion did take a "wife" of the age of only six, pedophiles all! And we can deduce from Genesis 5:4 that the bible favours incest. But these pedophile Roman Catholic priests and the bishops who covered them are the real evil bastards :-( Just as well that Deuteronomy 23:2 tells us that bastards can never be admitted to heaven. But they need to be locked away down here too, and defrocked of course and de-pensioned too!

Comments (3)
Petra (A) wrote "Wow, seldom do we see you in such a fury!" I despise them :-(
Engrumpled Curmudgeon (Canada) shares my opinion "#LockThemAllUp Their tax free status should be permanently revoked and all their assets, and I do mean all, should be confiscated and sold off to fund payments for the tens of thousands of children whose lives they have harmed." Indeed!
Barbara (UK) asks "And what are the bishops going to do about it?" Their report leaves that very vague, just hand-waving :-( Reading between the lines, half seem to actually want to do something (whatever?) and the other half want to sweep it all under the carpet, as done in the past. There's no real power for reform; and remember the Pope himself is alleged to have covered for paedophile priests while himself a bishop, so there's no leadership there :-(

Monday, September 24, 2018

Touring the Baltic Countries

My wife and I have just spent a fortnight touring the Baltics. Over the following weeks I'll blog some of our photos; you'll get to see some of what we saw. It was my first time there, so it was all new to me.

The map below shows an area from Hamburg (Germany) in the lower left corner to St.Petersburg (Russia) in the upper right corner. It is a Mercator projection. The numbers represent the day-number during our trip, starting with Kiel (Germany) on day 1 and finishing there on day 14.

We took the ferry from Kiel, 19 hours eastwards to Klaipeda in Lithuania. We spent a day on the Curonian Spit peninsula, which leads south to Kaliningrad (a Russian enclave, affording their navy easy access to the Baltic Sea).

Turning north again, we drove up the Baltic coast to where it meets the Bay of Riga on day 4. Then a day in Riga (the capital of Latvia), another in an inland national park(6), then back to the Bay of Riga(7). From there we headed north into Estonia, visiting first the capital city of Tallinn on the Gulf of Finland on day 8. Days 9 and 10 were spent in the backwoods of two national parks in Estonia. Days 11 and 12 saw us travelling along the southern border of Latvia, where it borders on White Russia (Belarus), for which we had no visa. A short stop in Vilnius (13 : capital of Lithuania) then we headed west via Trakai back to Klaipeda to catch the evening boat back to Kiel.

An enjoyable tour, a bit tiring with all the driving, and often rather scurrilous :-) More details and photos in posts during the following month. This summary was just to get you hooked for more ;-)

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Chosen One :-)

After the sad death of our old bulldog, Kosmo, due to a tumor, SWMBO decided we needed a new puppy as soon as possible. So last weekend she visited some breeders who had good healthy puppies and chose this one which we can pick up at the end of this month.

This is the chosen one, she will be called Clara :-)

So much for my vague intention of us travelling the world between dogs.
Oh well, c'est la vie... Still, it's always fun bringing up a pup or so they say.

Now we'll have to get around to puppy-proofing the house again : moving everything even remotely chewable up by a couple of feet, lick-proofing all the electrical outlets, locking the shoe-cupboard, hiding firewood etc etc ;-)

Comments (2)
Pergelator asked for " More puppy pics, please. Or something. Let us know what's going on." We've been away, touring the Baltic States, trip-reports to follow. We'll pick up the pup later this week.
Liz (UK) wrote " Aw, glad you're getting a pup. Clara is a lucky dog." We've been away, touring the Baltic States, trip-reports to follow. We'll pick up the pup later this week.

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