Edutainment (permanently under construction ;-)

Web design strategy for my home pages. Why these web-pages look like they do. And the Site's Hit-statistics for 2000/-1/-2.

How to fly the Union Jack flag correctly. For the less bright people who don't know the difference , this message !

Horribly Punny Headlines, and a Magic spelling counter as well as European Union plans to rationalise English spelling .

72 year old Brit, Godfrey Hill, shows us why Brits prefer to count in dozens rather than use the decimal system.

18 Eskimo words for snow and ice. But I have some useful information for travellers to the UK, too. Here are the regions described in the UK marine weather forecasts. But if you are flying, you might want to learn how to recognise the different types of clouds. Or even understand what the "follow-me" marshall at the airport means, when waving his batons. Another form of sign language, really.

Satire: After your Bungee Jump : Learn how to shower like a woman vs. how to shower like a man ;-)

Read my favourite short English-language poems. Learn how to tie a bow tie. Or just get knotted :-)

1960s Rocker nostalgia. The 59 Club of London in Germany, and a Passion for Tritons. Here is my 1991 motorcycling novel :-)

For those of you who enjoy spectacular scenery in far-away places, look at this picture. Jo!
(Note also the 'face' at lower right, rather like the face on Mars, you think so too? Jo!

United Germany 10th Anniversary. Until 1990, Germany was a country divided by the Iron Curtain (in Berlin, the Wall, which Ulbricht alleged was NOT going to be built :-), BRD(=West) and GDR(=East). Lest you forget East Germany, here is the GDR national anthem (680 kByte MP3 file). They suffered a single (SED=communist) party system, and of course, the party was always right :-( 394 kByte MP3 file). At least until 9th November 1989, when the Berlin wall fell. BTW: the 9th of November seems to be a fateful day for Germans. 9th November 1923 was the march on the Feldherrenhalle in Munich. 9th November 1938 was the Reichskristallnacht. 9th November 1989, the Berlin wall fell. Third time lucky, I guess :-)

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