Vogon Poetry

Stu Savory, 1944 -

All 42 fans of Douglas Adams will know about Vogon poetry, so bad that you feel like chewing your arms off when reading it.

Recently, we went to see the new & funny film Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy. Thoroughly recommendable, except that it inspired me to write this bit of Vogon poetry about some of the crappy blogs I found while surfing heretofore unvisited far reaches of the blogosphere. It originally appeared in My Blog.

See, see the dead and vapid blogsite flail about
Marvel at its vomit-coloured geek's lay-out.
And lack of content! Tell me, blogger, does it cause you
To wonder why the blogosphere ignores you?

Why their feeble stare makes you feel off-stage?
I can tell you : E'en your shag is
Worried by your whifflesnaffig faecial page
That looks like an aborted haggis.

What's more, the blogosphere sure knows
Your futt-grunting blog smells of peigh, or pee or 22/7
Rotting under the big dead sky.
It ars*k*s* "Why,
Why do you even bother? You couldn't charm a Tellurium-breather's nose!"

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