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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Write a Halloween Joke

So the challenge down at the pub at the weekend was to come up with a new joke for Halloween which should be based on a TV series. You have the rest of this month. If you blogreaders want to join in, mail me your joke and I'll put it in the comments here and submit it for you on Halloween.

Here's my try, based on TBBT, my favourite TV series.

Sheldon: Knock, knock, knock.
Penny: who's there?
Sheldon: Zombie!
Penny: Zombie who?
Sheldon: Zombie who loves String Theory!
Leonard: OK, I'll bite: WHY does the zombie love String Theory?
Sheldon: Because String Theory has Branes ;-)
Comments (5)
John (UK) wrote " Extending your joke : String Theory has Brains? I thought that was Boltzmann ;-)" Very geeky ;-)
Cop Car wrote " Conservatives don't like string theory and want to ban branes. They believe that homological mirror symmetry is immoral, so shouldn't be studied." Also very geeky ;-)
Petra (A) wrote "Based on any Sports News program : There will be a soccer match on Halloween; winner will be the team with the most ghouls ;-)" Groan!!!
Ed (USA) wrote "From the Jimmy Kimmel show : Q: What are Trump's options come the end of the month? A: Trick or Tweet ;-)" Bigly groan!
Hattie (Hawaii) has a Trump poem instead :-
"Fall leaves are red
Fall skies are blue
Pumpkins are orange
And so are you!"

Did you know that there are at least two other words which rhyme with Orange? ;-)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sputnik turns 60 today

Exactly sixty years ago today the Soviet Union won the race into space when they launched Sputnik 1 into a highly elliptical orbit around the Earth, mankind's first artificial satellite, what an achievement!

Piep! Piep! Piep! - and your's truly - a geek just turned 13 that year - was listening to that piep on a radio I'd built myself (two pentodes and a triode). What a thrill! Dad and I went out into the back yard - skies were dark back then - and watched as it was scheduled to pass over, a ceremony we would repeat for Juri Gagarin etc etc and which I still repeat every time the ISS comes over :-)

Sputnik 1 was a 2 foot aluminium sphere, weighing just under 84 kilos, with 4 antennae broadcasting on the medium wave (if I remember correctly). It survived just 3 months (~1400 orbits) before the orbit decayed to a fiery re-entry , when it burned up. R I Piep.

It sure scared the hell out of the USA at the time, implying that the Soviet Union could put an ICBM warhead anywhere in the US. The US didn't achieve an orbit until 1st February 1958, with Explorer 1. But by this time the USSR had made a second strike, launching kamikaze dog Laika on november 3, 1957 (the 40th anniversary of the October revolution) in Sputnik 2 (1300 kilos) into orbit. No barks on the radio though; Russia didn't tell us until the collapse of the USSR that Laika had died on launch, due to overheating :-(

Belated congratulations to Sergej Koroljow, chief constructor, who built Sputnik's R-7 rocket, forerunner of the Sojuz launch vehicle still in use today.

Comments (2)
John (UK) notes "I remember it as being on short wave." Could be, it was a long time ago and my memory is deteriorating (age takes bytes out of it ;-)
Cop Car wrote " Hunky Husband (then, my fiancé) and I heard Sputnik's signal using equipment belonging to a local amateur radio club, in which we were members. It was an exciting time for scientists/engineers." Thanks for sharing the NASA audio link :-)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Autumn leaves arrives

This is the time of year when the leaves change colour, Indian Summer to some, Autumn Leaves to others. So I thought I'd show you some of the colours in our village. Mouse over pix for texts.

Comments (1)
Cop Car wrote " Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful trees. Autumnal glory!" De nada :-)

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