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Oh, and after the death of his old dog, Kosmo, he also has a new bulldog puppy, Clara, since September 2018 :-)

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Friday, December 13, 2019


Paraskevidekatriaphobia, from the Greek words Paraskeví (meaning "Friday"), and dekatreís (meaning "thirteen"), is the phobia (meaning "fear") of Friday the 13th. Lots of people have it, especially Brit politicians today as the results of the UK general election becomes known.

And it's BoJo :-(

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson - to give him his full name - campaigned on the promise to push Brexit through (Get-Brexit Dunny). So now there will be the usual fight as to whether it is to be the soft Brexit version agreed with the EU months ago (mostly Theresa May's deal) or a No-Deal Brexit. All accompanied by the creaking sounds of the UK falling apart as Sturgeon (SNP) pushes once again for Scottish Independence.

Still, the alternative would have been Corbyn as PM; an unpopular Marxist. So maybe the Brit voters chose the lesser of two evils. Shit happens either way.

The Brexit date - when the UK leaves the EU - is currently set for 31 January 2020. Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed a deal with the EU, but it still needs to go through Parliament. The default position - if no deal is passed - is that the UK would leave without one, in January 2021.

And Asteroid 2019 XO1 shaved by Earth today, so that was another near miss :-)

Saturday Update : Headline clipped today from our local paper ;-)

Comments (2)
Cop Car opined of the saturday headline " The headline sounds right; but, the photo shows a mime trying to escape his invisible box." Indeed, he may have boxed himself in with too many promises. We shall see.
Doug (Canada) sent this great cartoon :-)

Monday, December 9, 2019

Custom Bike Show 2019

Yesterday, I went to nearby Bad Salzuflen to see the 2019 Custom Bike Show, the world's biggest, they brag. Here are some of my photos, so the non-bikers amongst you can just skip this posting if you like ;-)

Let me start off by showing you three factory bikes which were also on display, so you can see what is considered normal nowadays. The top photo is of a Royal Enfield Interceptor, now made in India, not GB, which is retro 1960s style 50 HP parallel twin, 650cc, aircooled. A very clean design.

This is a Ducati V-twin Scrambler. Water-cooled. Desmodromic.

The torque monster, a Triumph Rocket 3, 2500cc, 167 HP, 221 Nm torque.

Now onto some road-legal custom built bikes. This is a BMW Cafe Racer.

And this is a Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer, not quite finished yet.

Surprisingly to me, this old side-valved Harley No.42 is road legal!!!
No chain guard, no front mudguard, no silencer, but registered road legal!

Now we move on to the ridiculously exotic show-only scurrilous bikes. This one has a 21 inch front wheel, no front brake and is too low to corner :-(

This Harley-based Low Rider wouldn't take much to make it road-legal.

The wide-belt primary drive makes this one impractical; looks like the nitro-flask isn't even connected, and the tank is impractically small.

Now let's move on to some of the artists and artisans showing off their work. This Polish(?) artist uses scrap bits and pieces to make model motorcycles.

Further along were some excellent airbrush paintings on petrol tanks. But it was unclear to me where the filler-cap on the right tank was :-(

This gentleman makes scurrilous leather goods, from Jack Daniels hats to boots shaped like medieval pest masks! I took a business card :-)

Finally, the winner for minimalism. Rigid frame, tiny pea-can brake drums and a stationary motor (from a lawnmower, I think). Lightweight though ;-)

The exhibition was huge, took me 4 hours to go around it just once, overcrowded, loud (with people running engines and the wall-of-death demo), but not so expensive as last time I was there. 15 Euro entry, 5 Euro parking, but only 3.50€ for a coffee and a (small) bacon/cheeseburger was only 5€, you pay that at Burger King nowadays too. A quite enjoyable show!

Comments (4)
Ed (USA) asks "No biker babes? or grinder-gays?" Well yes. An excessively athletic and lithe poledancer; I've never been as fit as her. And a topless, thonged, girl getting her body painted on a stage in front of a crowd of letching, open mouthed, dribbling hardly-able-sons; I found that rather degrading for her. No gays with bottomless chaps this year, but a stall selling dildos and fleshlights - presumably this was the DIY corner.
Ulrike (D) whats-apped "Great photos, as usual." Thankyou. BTW, the county court in Munich on friday banned the sale of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Apps in Germany because they misappropriate technology patented by Blackberry. We'll see what happens there soon.
Janina (D) tells me that her "dad was there too, running the Holy Rollers stand". Afraid I missed it though.
Schorsch (D) asked "Did you buy anything?" Yes. Since I am now officially an ancient biker( I am 75), I bought this funny but appropriate T-shirt :-

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

PISA STEM results worsen here

Well, the newest PISA results are in, and Germany has - despite all efforts - gotten worse :-( PISA tests measure 15-year-old school pupils' scholastic performance in mathematics, science, and reading. We are now only 20th amongst the nations tested; still above the OECD average, but getting worse. Not only the USA is dumbing down :-(

Some of the deterioration is due to an increased number of asylum-seekers, war-refugees and other immigrants who cannot read (German) adequately and so slow the whole class down [thankyou Mrs.Merkel :-( ]. Another contribution is the ADHD of the internet generation who read less books.

A press report showed that more teenagers can recognise a photo of Justin Bieber and/or Miley Cyrus than of Albert Einstein :-( Help save our STEM !

So here's a test for y'all. How many of these 21 photos can you recognise?

Mail me your results top to bottom, left to right, for inclusion in the comments; anonymously if you so declare.

Comments (3)
Ed (USA) asks "Where would you place without the immigrants? And where did the USA come?" 8th instead of 20th. The USA came 13th.
Jenny (Ibiza) replied " I know nine. And you?" Thirteen only :-(
Pergelator wrote " I think Albert E is at the left end of 2nd row. That is the only one that sparked any kind of recognition." Not even bottom right?

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