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Friday, July 3, 2020

Just another jab?

When researchers are able to produce an effective vaccine against Coronavirus, probably not until well into 2021, I wonder if it will be widely available or whether the USA will selfishly buy up all produced doses, as they have done with Remdesivir? If made available, I wonder if it will be made compulsory? I certainly hope so.

Here in Germany, for example, a measles inoculation has been made compulsory since March 2020. Children are not allowed to start school, or even kindergarten, unless they have been officially inoculated against measles. Are anti-vaxxers soon to be jailed?

So I went online to to see what jabs are recommended and which are compulsory; and indeed to see if I (at 76) should have refreshed any? Also what is needed for various travels?

The responsible government authority here is called STIKA (jab a joke in there somewhere ;-) They recommend a basic immunisation for children, covering rotaviruses, tetanus, diptheria, whooping cough, hib, hepatitis B, polio, pneumococca, meningitis, measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox. At school ages there are various refresher jabs and one against HPV. Refreshers for adults every 10 years include tetanus, diptheria and (often forgotten) whooping cough.

The jabs one needs when going abroad depend of course on your destination. Consult the government website. I for one, want a corona jab before visiting the USA again ! The EU is now even proposing a ban on visitors from the USA until they (USA) get coronavirus under control. Good idea! Until then...

Comments (5)
Doug (Canada) wrote " I'm glad to see STIKA recommends kids get the Chicken Pox vaccine. Wasn't available when we were young so of course nearly all of us got it. The result is some 90% of adults over 50 today are susceptible to getting Shingles attacks. I'm in my 3rd month of Shingles and it sucks big time. As soon as the symptoms go away I will be getting the Shingrix vaccine as I never want to go through this again." I can believe that; never had it myself though.
Cop Car wrote " Here in the States, immunizations for entry into school (starting with Kindergarten) varies by state. In Kansas: five doses of Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTaP/Tdap) with a sixth dose at entry to 7th grade, two doses of Hepatitis A (HepA), three doses of Hepatitis B (HepB), two doses of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), four doses of Poliomyelitis (IPV/OPV) - or three doses if last dose is after age 4, and two doses of Varicella (Chickenpox) -or, certification by licensed physician that child has already had chickenpox. In addition, two doses of Meningococcal-Serogroup A,C,W,Y (MenACWY) are required starting at entry to 7th grade. Immunizations may be waived for health or religious reasons. Smallpox was the only disease for which immunization was available when I was a child. Now, our great-grandsons are of an age to receive HPV; but, it is not required AFAIK. For me (82 years old/female/non-traveler/immune system not compromised), the CDC recommends seasonal flu shots, pneumonia immunization, Tdap, and shingles immunization - with which recommendations I am in compliance. Sadly, I think it only sane for every other country to ban travelers from the USA. " I do the seasonal flu shots too, but of course they are only set up to counteract the flu from the previous season. Wish there was a jab granting rejuvenation :-) We once got "Immunoglobin" jabs before an overseas trip : wow, you feel like superman for a couple of days :-) Sadly, Maggie, an artist friend of ours in Washington State, died from Hepatitis C, 'cos she worked in the fish factory :-(
Brian (UK) reminded me that "... it's not ALL jabs. For polio we were given as kids the vaccine on a sugar lump to suck then swallow." Now that you reminded me, I remember that. Pleasant surprise at the time.
Cop Car added "And in conclusion..."

Schorsch (D) wrote "The major mistake was telling Americans that the masks were there to help other people. Know your audience!" Funny but evil.
This where we are now : The blue line is Germany, red line is the USA

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

No more single-use plastics after mid-2021

Finally, finally, politicians here are doing something to clean up the environment! Starting next year, July 3rd 2021 to be exact, single-use plastics will be banned in the EU :-)

Let me give you some numbers about plastics pollution. Cleanup efforts on the North Sea beaches in 2019 averaged 390 pieces trash (mostly plastic) per meter (sic!) of beach; even on the Baltic coast (which does not abut so directly on the Atlantic ocean), it averaged 70 pieces of trash, mostly plastic. Extrapolated to 2050, there would be more plastic trash in the sea than fish! And micro-plastic enters the food chain. So something needed to be done. Banning single use plastics is the first step.

The photo above shows some average roadside verge trash in our village, seen during the annual cleanup all our villagers do in spring. About 4-5 pieces per meter as shown :-( Ten to twenty percent of roadside trash and trash in public garbage cans is single-use plastic stuff. That includes used condoms ;-)

So what's being banned? Plastic-stick cotton swabs, plastic cutlery (knives, forks, spoons), plastic plates and cups, styropore cups and plates, plastic drinking-straws, mixing-sticks, balloon-holder sticks. Also forbidden will be plastics which oxidise and thus make microplastics.

Alternatives are available : e.g. wooden forks and spoons at take-aways or for your garden parties. Wooden spoons for ice cream (see photo right ;-) ) Reusable straws made from glass or stainless steel. Stable multi-use plastic plates etc that can go through a dishwasher. You can already buy cotton swabs with rolled-paper sticks.

We separate our domestic garbage by type here, with the intention of recycling it where possible. The blue wheelie-bin is for paper and cardboard, 120 liters, emptied monthly. The yellow wheelie-bin is for metals and plastics, 120 liters, emptied monthly. The 80 liter gray wheelie-bin is for other stuff, emptied fortnightly, 80% of which gets recycled by the experts at the recycling plant. The other 20% gets burnt or goes to the landfill. Toxic stuff (e.g. paint, fillers, etc) is collected monthly by special request. Glass we bring to the glass recycling containers. We don't use the green bio-degradable-stuff bin, as we have two compost heaps in the garden; a shorter recycling loop :-)

SWMBO and I make a special effort to avoid goods which comes in plastic packaging, avoiding plastic usage as much as possible. How about you?

Comments (1)
Cop Car wrote " Plastic items are such hard things to think about and judge. Personally, I've not purchased single-use plates (paper or plastic), ever. However, whenever during the past 30 years I've had food "to go" from a restaurant, most of it has been packaged in a plastic foam "clam-shell" container. (I get funny looks when I ask that the uneaten half of a sandwich be given to me wrapped in aluminum foil rather than in a plastic container.) I check ingredient labels on toothpaste and such products to avoid buying those that incorporate micro-beads of plastic. Preferentially, I buy foods in metal cans, cardboard boxes, or glass jars rather than those packaged in plastics. I used to take my own containers and totes to the grocery store; but, that's no longer allowed because of COVID-19. Our city has authorized only one trash hauling company to service its residents in preference to the three or four companies that used to have trucks plying our streets. This makes a large difference as to noise and exhaust pollution and excess truck traffic/wear-and-tear on our streets. We have a choice among three sizes of wheeled carts for trash, of which Hunky Husband and I use the middle size because the fee is the same as for the small size. In addition, we subscribe to the company's single-stream recycling service for which we have no choice but to use their large sized wheeled cart. Although trash is picked up weekly, and re-cyclables are picked up every second week, we usually put out trash every second week and re-cyclables every fourth week. As my contribution to cleaning up the neighborhood, when I go for a morning walk, I pick up trash in the streets and public areas along my route - with the exception of bio-degradables and smoking debris. Yes, over the years I've even picked up a couple of condoms so that children won't, unknowingly, pick them up. " There are also 240 liter garbage wheelie-bins here as a more expensive option; for young families, and incontinent oldsters, there is also a used-nappy pickup service weekly. But the new law is aimed at reducing plastic usage.

Link to the previous month's blog.
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