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Oh, and after the death of his old dog, Kosmo, he also has a new bulldog puppy, Clara, since September 2018 :-)

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Friday, December 31, 2021

Fairies' Hair

Winter is coming. And going. And coming again. No snow here but temperatures varying from -6°C to +12°C and back down to -6°C again.

And one morning we had -6°C, perfect calm (no wind), and supersaturated air at ground level. These are the conditions needed for Feenhaar (engl: Fairies' Hair) to form. Narrow ice crystals stacking up to form dense 'hairs' on damp twigs.

Very rare, but don't they look beautiful?

Comments (3)
Billions of Versions... wrote "I don’t think I’ve every seen anything like that. Very interesting." Rare here too.
Anon wrote "Off topic already, but Ghislaine Maxwell did not hang herself next week!" That's bitter :-(
Cop Car wrote " Happy 2022, Stu! Nice photo of your Feenhaar. We here in Kansas are zinging back and fort from -15 C to +21 C, et cetera, but we haven’t enough humidity to form your beautiful Feenhaar. Although, when I consider the ice crystals, your photo provides beauty, upon first glance it looked like some of the "dogs" we see being walked in our neighborhood. As a canine, the photo just looks weird. (For a few dollars more, the dog walkers could have bought a real dog.)" Yeah, I've seen dogs looking like that too ;-) And the new year count sounds too much like 2020 too :-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Wheels Up... Now!

At the briefing, Lead had plainly said "3 seconds after take-off, wheels up!"

Screenshot still, taken from a Blue Angels video, to whom, thanks :-)

Friday, December 10, 2021

Low clearances II

Carol (UK) enjoyed my article on LOW bridges and sent these two photos to add to my collection.

She particularly likes the motto on the side of this truck . . .

And she is horrified by this entrance to an underground car park, hoping it has a sign outside forbidding vans and SUVs from entering . . .

Anybody else got any more good ones?

Comments (2)
Billions of Versions... (aka Mike) wrote "This link will get you even more crashes to watch." Seen them already, but thankyou anyway.
Bryn (Wales) points out that "There is a a 5 ft 6 inch bridge (1.7 meters) at Bishton Level Crossing in Newport, Wales. The Google Maps Street View car wouldn't fit under it :-)" I saw that the adjacent level crossing is closed all night, leaving that low bridge as the ONLY alternative ;-)

Sunday, December 5, 2021

I before E, but not after C, except...

Probably the most useless rule in the spelling of English words because there are many exceptions. Imagine you had to remember them all.

There are 923 English words that don't follow this "rule", which isn't well understood anyway, 21 times as many as do follow the supposed rule!

Comments (2)
Old McD. (UK) wrote "You forgot EIEIO ;-)" So I did :-)
Billions of Versions... wrote " So there are excepts in both directions. E before I after a C. And I before E after a C. WAIT! I’m confused. Let me watch that video again." I.E. it's funny ;-)

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Broken Rib

There are things I have in common with ancient Greek philosophers. Cynicism is one of them. Dodgy knees (geddit ;-) ?) another. Specifically arthritis of the left knee. So occasionally the knee gives way, my leg folds, and down I go. Indoors I can grab a bookshelf or a door-frame etc and land softly on the carpet. Get up and carry on; only winded.

Outside, recently, my left leg folded and down I went. Trying to break the fall, I sprained my left wrist and my lowest right rib hit the granite edge of the sidewalk. Three days later they were both still painful, so I went for a checkup and an X-ray. Turns out they can't put a cast on a single rib, so I get to take pain-killers for 2-3 weeks while the rib heals itself. See how that goes.

Traffic stopped (I was on a pedestrian crossing) and several people helped. I find people are more helpful since I've been using a walking stick. I refused an ambulance call (they cost about 1000 Euros here) so they picked me up, dusted me down, gave me my walking stick and stayed with me while I got my breath back and could walk again. Thank you anonymous helpers for helping a winded old fogey! Life goes on, good enough at my age ;-)

Comments (5)
Kate (UK) wrote " Hope you are both surviving the onslaughts of getting old and of Covid. Read your blog and saw you went flying but not in a plane. Sorry to hear about your rib but Noel can empathise. When he was at work he had a trip and landed on a hanger door rail managing to break 3 ribs , got his pain killers but then had to fly to Belize the next day not a happy bunny!! He tells me the rum helped,I only heard about it when he came back a month later but he said it was so painful. Now regarding your knees , I too am awaiting for both knee replacements,(too much impact sport when I was younger). Covid has somewhat got in the way of the waiting lists,so being called forward is obviously delayed. My mobility is greatly impaired so I use 2 hiking poles when I’m out to stop me falling as it was happening far too often for my liking. I still cycle short distances to try and keep up my mobility, seems to help as walking is so painful. Enough of our woes We are quite content, triple jabbed and along with a mask, life continues pretty much as normal. All being well we are planning to go to the Rhine in flames festival next summer. We managed several trips away this year in UK in the van , the camp sites were open as long as you were self sufficient and maintained your social distancing and masks." Main thing is to NOT get Covid, these days.
Jenny (Ibiza) joked "Good thing it was you not me, otherwise I'd be a fallen woman ;-)" Heh, Heh. Good one, lass :-)
Doug (Canada) wrote " Sorry to hear about your incident. They are becoming all to frequent for me and thankfully to date serious injuries have not occurred. I always take a hiking stick or poles with me now when I go out. My knees are Ok but my hips not so good so, like you I lose balance far too often. Take care." Thanks for your commiseration; you look after yourself too!
Cop Car wrote " Now that you’ve had a week to heal, how are your broken rib and your sprained wrist doing? I’m glad that you had your walking stick with you and sorry that you took such a tumble. P.S. Yes, old Dodgy knees was a great Greek, thanks for the laugh." Rib is healing, wrist not so much. Maybe I'll go and get it X-rayed too.
Schorsch (D) asked "If your legs are that weak sometimes, can you even ride your motorbike?" Not since 8 months now. Riding is not the problem, the problem is stopping at traffic lights etc. where I'm scared the left leg might fold instead of supporting the bike at the stop. Tipping over would sure look silly!!!

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